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Finding the “Great I am” center in yourself

Moses said to God, “What do I say your name is?”

God said, “I-am-Who-I-am.”

~Exodus 3:13b-14a

This quote is what started me on my journey in 1958. In this verse, our creator, who made us in His own image, is telling us not only who He is but where He is, within us and in all things.

The Hebrew word אָשֵׁר ('asher) usually translated “Who” or “What” comes from the word האיה (hayah) which means “dynamic essence” or “essence of being.” My Spirit churned within me as the meaning of these words flowed through my body.

Consider the passage on the “Great I am” center in each of us in the exchange between Jesus and Nicodemus in John 3:1-21. He is trying to help Nicodemus and us to connect to our inner spirit: “born within to see God's kingdom” “submit to this original creation” “the person who takes shape within” “become a living spirit” “the breath of God, the Spirit of God” “things you can't see” “God-light streamed in” “working and living in truth and reality” “welcoming God-light” “seeing all this for the God-work it is.”

Do you need help to find the “Great I am” center in yourself? That is what Revitalizing Ministries does.

Richard P. Matthews


Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews

Richard P. Matthews is an ordained Elder in the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has been meditating since he was sixteen and practicing yoga since he was twenty one. Richard also founded the International Church Of Lund, Sweden, where he began his ministry of storytelling in 1997.

Now he travels throughout Europe and North America with the Living Bible Stories®, doing Storytelling and Meditation Workshops, and starting new Meditation Groups.

Richard did his graduate work in theatre at Northwestern University and the University of Utah. His professional theatre credentials include acting, directing, playwriting, and screen writing. He is a recipient of the “Sam S. Schubert Playwriting Fellowship” award for his play Hosea.

He is published in Swedish and English and is the author of the Stories for Your Spirit, the new novel A New Curtain Opens, and many published articles. Richard is now the Director of Revitalizing Ministries.