Animals Shall Lead Them


two elephants standing by stream in Kenya

Photo by biberta, ©2009 /

Perhaps the greatest crisis on our planet is the senseless slaughter of our wildlife and destruction of their habitats to feed human greed, organized crime, terrorist groups and our irresponsible ignorance. In creation, we were given responsibility for everything not dominion to rape, pillage and hoard whatever we so desire.

WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), reports that in “1980 there were 1,200,000 African elephants, but by 2012 there were only 420,000 African elephants.” Unfortunately, the horror doesn't stop there. Recently the ETIS (Elephant Trade Information System), announced that, “the decline of bank regulations and the creating of un-backed currencies are directly related to the increase in poaching and trade in wildlife; as the currencies are devalued the price of animal parts has increased 500% in the past 18 months.”

Is this wholesale slaughter worth an ivory ring, a pair of cufflinks, earrings, an ivory handled anything or a carved religious icon? Yes, every religion on the planet and its followers are purchasing illegal ivory. If you don't believe it, just read the “Blood Ivory,” editors note, and/or the “Ivory Worship” issue, in National Geographic. Be sure to look at the “Photo Gallery” link. When you look at the ivory crucifix of Jesus, remember that an elephant was brutally killed by poachers, his carcass left to rot, the tusk illegally smuggled out of Africa, sold on the black-market in the Philippines and there carved into this iconic image. If this is not a sacrilege, I don't know what is.

And the elephants are not the only species under attack. The Rhinos are suffering the same fate. In one Rhino sanctuary alone in Kenya, the Rhino population has been reduced from 10,000 strong to 40. All this carnage is for Rhino horn trinkets, amulets and bogus medical potions. The irony is that Rhino horn has the exact chemical makeup as our fingernails. That means that simply biting you fingernails will have the same result without the cost or lose of life.

The Mountain Gorillas, tigers and other large cats, bears in Russia, sharks and many other species are being wiped out indiscriminately. We are doing this in total disregard of the ecological balance of our plants eco-system. In spite of the international laws and regulations against this killing and trade, many countries like China are simply ignoring the laws. ETIS reports, “The numbers show that China openly ignores the ivory smuggling regulations. Their government is licensing 35 carving factories and 130 ivory retail outlets. Plus China is sponsoring ivory carving at Beijing University of Technology.” To try to enforce these laws and regulations there is a resolution before the UN proposed by TRAFFIC (The Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network), to impose sanctions on countries most complicit in the illegal trade in wildlife. It is of course being vetoed by China.

So what can we do to stop this? We can stop our buying of the wild animal parts. If we stop the buying, we will stop the demand; which will stop the trafficking; which will stop the killing. The catch phrase of CAWT (Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking), says it all, “Don't buy it!”

Why is Revitalizing Ministries taking a stand on this crisis? To us all animals are sacred. They are connected to the “Great I Am” even though most humans are not. This is proven in countless ways from their actions before a tsunami to their daily actions in our own homes. In the novel, A New Curtain Opens by Richard P. Matthews, it is the animals that will lead us back to the “Great I Am” within us. In this engaging story, you will discover that the end of days has already begun and learn how you can survive.