Living Bible Stories®


Richard Matthews as Bartholomew

Photo courtesy of Richard Matthews, ©2007

Living Bible Stories® offers a unique presentation of biblical characters. They are first-hand accounts of the actions and events in the character’s faith journey brought to life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Living Bible Stories® can be done in any setting to present the emotional and faith struggle of the character. You become a witness to their discovery of their “Great I am” center. This powerful form allows the Holy Spirit to engage you directly, making each person a part of the spiritual experience and faith journey.

The stories are in the oral tradition of storytelling.

They bring the Bible alive. The presentation becomes a communication between the Holy Spirit, the biblical character, and you.

Currently, Revitalizing Ministries is featuring the following Living Bible Stories®.



Richard Matthews as Bartholomew

Photo courtesy of Richard Matthews, ©2007

This little known apostle tells the story of the last days of Jesus and his personal struggle with an intellectual faith.

For three years he was plagued by his mind and ego trying to understand Jesus’ teachings and was unable to find the living Christ in his heart, his Spiritual Center. It is only when he witnesses Thomas’ hand being placed in the side of the risen Christ, that he discovers Christ is alive within him and feels the power of God’s love.


This biblical tax collector tells the story of his personal persecution by everyone in the community including Jesus’ followers. His resentment and hatred toward them was internally eating at his soul, and blocking him from finding God within himself. Yet he knew there must be a better way.

When Jesus visits his home Zacchaeus feels him enter his very being and experiences an acceptance and love he never felt before. Jesus' visit was transforming him. As he listens to Jesus he learns a better way; a way to love his enemy; a way to pray for those who persecute him. Thus, the rainbow of God’s promise enters his heart.

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