A New Curtain Opens


330 pages

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From the back cover

A new world, a new life awaits you! The AWAKENING is now! Millions are stirring, longing and searching for enlightenment. Enlightenment is a connection to the 'Great I Am' at the very center of your being, not an intellectual achievement.

We need to focus on this connection. Ironically, the animals are now connected and protected while most humans are not. Yet, the animals are trying to help us connect. The problem is that we are destroying the animals faster than they can teach us.

Here you can read all about the new curtain that is opening for the Elephants, the Mountain Gorillas, the Rhinos, the Tigers – and you.

In A New Curtain Opens, you will find a kind and caring old gentleman, Hoss Proxetter, who is the most unlikely super hero named Hayah. His only super power is a shield of Love that boomerangs hateful acts of violence back on the perpetrators. Hayah and the animals choose to connect to the 'Great I Am,' just as you can.

Do you want to connect? Then this book will show you how.

In A New Curtain Opens, I love the way Matthews teaches us to meditate and "connect" to the 'Great I Am.' To me the story seemed more real than fiction. This book's message will change the way you see life and make you realize the importance of animals. Just like a classic, this one will stay on your mind long after you put the book away.

~ Trish Stevens, Ascot Media Group

A New Curtain Opens is a wake-up call to all religious institutions. The secret truth is out! "The 'Great I Am' is within us!" We are the Temple for His presence. This action-packed story is a profound Prophecy that will turn the world right side up.

~ Ron Tippe, Hollywood film producer, life coach, and the consummate pupil and professor

A New Curtain Opens is "written in layman's terms that many believe is easier to understand." No wonder he's had such a huge impact on the world. Truly a masterful job.

~ Shalom, Francois, Montreal Gazette


Finally, what most animal lovers are already aware of is now in print. In A New Curtain Opens, the animals are connected to the presence of the 'Great I Am' within them. Now, He is going to protect them, while we continue to destroy the planet and ourselves.

Hayah, the superhero in this story, is helping the animals to awaken us. As in all species, wild and domestic, we see elephants rejoice in His presence; we see mountain gorillas heal themselves; we watch rhinos find peace in the midst of a conflict; and we witness the tigers finding harmony with the new ranger team. Because of the animals, there is still hope. Read this book and discover it for yourself.

~ Mariann Andersson, The Swedish Animal Whisperer

A New Curtain Opens is a book intended to help the reader connect to the 'Great I Am' at the center of one's being, instead of a more intellectual idea of enlightenment. The main focus of the book, told through allegory, is how we can learn from the animals, who are more connected spiritually than we are. I found it a very interesting read!

~ Bekah J, Motherhood Moment blog

A New Curtain Opens discusses enlightenment and advocates an intriguing concept: that animals are connected and protected, and are trying to help humans connect to that enlightened state.

Chapters discuss the end of an old path and a completely new way of living, revealing how individuals can connect to the greatness already within them. It's about visions and end days, new beginnings, and the notion that enlightenment possibilities exist within everyone – even (perhaps especially) creatures that walk among us.

Accounts of journeys both physical and spiritual in search of these paths makes for an intriguing blend of new age, travelogue, and spiritual reflection that will appeal to any interested in new age thought.

~ "California Bookwatch"

Richard P. Matthews is a Spiritual teacher who has worked his whole life to help bring others to their Spiritual Centers and the "Great I Am" within.