Stories for Your Spirit, Volume I

Spiritual fiction

320 pages

56 short stories, plus a chapter on storytelling. Devotional aid, church school resource, worship aid for Lectionary Year A.

From the back cover

In Stories for Your Spirit, Volume I, you will meet Dr. Pierre LeBlanc, MD who struggles to survive his helicopter crash in the mountain wilderness. You will meet Lee Richmond, the beautiful girl next door, an actress nearly consumed by the Hollywood jungle. Through the characters in these stories, you will personally experience the Spirit transforming their lives.

Stories for Your Spirit is an exciting collection of short stories written to stimulate the soul, engage the imagination, and touch the heart. The stories, which are written in the timeless tradition of oral storytelling, are wonderful when shared with others or in moments of quite reflection.

Stories for Your Spirit allows you to connect with the action, making it feel real and letting you experience the characters as they leap off the page. Don’t miss out on this compelling journey as you connect to these wonderful characters and your own indomitable spirit.

“As we grow older there is so much in life that we have experienced, it is difficult to think of anything that could excite our imaginations. Well, I have just discovered a gem, a book by Richard Matthews, Stories for Your Spirit, Volume I.

It has simple meditations, readings, and stories, parables really, which I hope in my heart are really true stories; they are so heartwarming. Whether they are true or not, they are much like the miracles that take place in each of our lives, yet we never know how they came about. They just happened. I hope this book finds its audience. Its readers will not be disappointed when they find this gem and savor every page of it.”

~ Fr. Joseph F. Girzone, author of the Joshua books and the new release Joshua’s Family

“Reading Stories for Your Spirit was much like stepping into and experiencing my own, private, spiritual world, one where I was able to interact with so many different and fun characters.”

~ Ron Tippe, Hollywood film producer

“Richard P. Matthews’ heartfelt stories have emerged out of listening deeply to the scriptures. These entertaining and poignant short stories are full of good and joyful spirit.”

~ Tom Boomershine, a founder of the Network of Biblical Storytellers and former Professor of New Testament at United Theological Seminary

Richard P. Matthews is a Spiritual teacher who has worked his whole life to help bring others to their Spiritual Centers and the "Great I Am" within.