Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II

Spiritual fiction

57 Meditations; Worship aids for Lectionary Year B

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From the back cover

Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, will help you quiet your chattering mind and open your Inner Spirit.

You will discover John, a homeless stockbroker and Elizabeth, who loses her parents, brought together through the power of the transforming Spirit. You will meet Steve, trapped in a mental loop in fear of the end time, who finally realizes that he is a slave to materialism. You will find a parable about Pooh, the bear of very little brain, in which Pooh finds a sacred “relish.”

As with all stories from the oral tradition, you will be able to leave your rational mind behind and journey to that Spiritual dimension at the very center of your being.

Use Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II in your private meditation or tell these stories to others, to help guide them toward their “Great I am” center. These are consciousness-raising stories for your personal spiritual journey.

“Richard Matthews has given birth to another treasure of polished gems in his latest book, Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations. They are not just delightful little stories but each is a gift with a message that can touch the hearts of us all.”

~ Joseph F. Girzone, author of the Joshua books and recently The Homeless Bishop and Jesus: A New Understanding of God's Son

“Richard P. Matthews has done it again in Stories for Your Spirit, Vol. II. He has succeeded in entertaining, educating and charming me with his new and wonderful collection of stories. I am both moved and motivated to meditate because of his fantastic ability to tell a great story. This book will make your life better as it does mine.”

~ Ron Tippe, Creative Empowerment Life Coach, NYC, 2011

Richard P. Matthews is a Spiritual teacher who has worked his whole life to help bring others to their Spiritual Centers and the "Great I Am" within.