Stories for Your Spirit, Volume III

Spiritual fiction

57 Meditations

Paperback Edition: $14.95

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From the back cover

Stories for Your Spirit, Volume III, helps you control your chattering mind and open your Inner Spirit.

In “The Wood Turner,” an Old Man shows up to help the cabinetmakers finish a job before Christmas and almost gets arrested in the process.

You will meet Jake, an advertising account executive, who is a master at manipulating the system. On his way home from Las Vegas, he stops for a free lunch which changes his life forever.

You'll learn about Jonathan, a ten year old, who is tempted to shoplift on his first solo trip to the toy store, but ends up with a lesson in values.

As always the stories in this series will open your heart to that Spiritual dimension at the very center of your being. Stories for Your Spirit, Volume III is a powerful aid for meditation, or great fun to share with others, and will help guide them toward their “I am” center.

“For those of you who are familiar with Richard Matthews’ Stories for Your Spirit and enjoy them, I am sure you will be even more delighted with Volume III of his very insightful parables which are not only very pleasant reading, but contain profound insights and healing wisdom.”

~ Joseph F. Girzone, author of the Joshua books and now watch for his new book on Suffering

“In Stories for Your Spirit, Vol. III, Richard P. Matthews allows for the reader to participate and experience the power and joy of storytelling. Only this time, he provides an opportunity for us to delve deeper and arrive ever-closer to the ‘Great I Am.’ By adding Meditation as the ‘means to a higher power,’ he provides us with an invaluable tool to attain spiritual awareness. In Stories for Your Spirit, Volume III, I feel that I am achieving an intimate and real connection to the ‘Great I Am.’ I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a spiritual connection in a world that is spinning out of control.”

~ Ron Tippe, Certified Life Coach

Richard P. Matthews is a Spiritual teacher who has worked his whole life to help bring others to their Spiritual Centers and the "Great I Am" within.