Stories for Your Spirit, Volume IV

Spiritual fiction

Meditations and Stories

Paperback Edition: $14.95

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From the back cover

Stories for Your Spirit, Volume IV, brings you 43 more 90-second stories, 17 more meditations, 3 short stories, and 2 Living Bible Stories®.

You will meet Agnes, a homeless mom, who scavenges for food and gives most of it away to a poor man who has fallen and injured himself.

You will meet Cory Aquino and learn what the difference is between men and women in politics.

You will meet a professor who proclaims to be an atheist, but when he is challenged by a magician, he ends up discovering the 'Great I Am' within himself.

You will find the fairy tale, Warm Fuzzies, where a Wicked Witch tricks a generous and caring community into believing that the magic of the Warm Fuzzies has left the village.

You will discover for the first time in print, the Living Bible Stories, of “Zacchaeus” and “Bartholomew” as they come to life and tell their stories of Jesus.

All the stories in Stories for Your Spirit, Volume IV will awaken you to the ‘Great I Am’ within you and open the path to a joyful journey.

“Richard, these stories are so deeply moving. I know the readers will love them. There is so much real life in them.”

~ Joe (Joseph F. Girzone, author of the Joshua series and JESUS, A New Understanding of God's Son. You may also want to check out his Daily Postings blog on the Joshua Mountain Ministries web site.)

“Again in Volume IV, Richard shares ordinary and extraordinary stories that illustrate God's presence in us and all situations. The vignettes lend themselves to short sessions for a shot of inspiration or more if your time permits.”

~ Sharon M. Sartin, Publishing Specialist, Unity

Richard P. Matthews is a Spiritual teacher who has worked his whole life to help bring others to their Spiritual Centers and the "Great I Am" within.