War and Warm Fuzzies

220 pages

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This is a book about Love and Human Kindness. These two actions are fast disappearing from our digitized world. Love and Kindness are now lost in a sea of hatred and violence. When we tried to list them as the main subject of the book, we could not, because the publishing search engine did not recognize the words. Yet there were five pages on war.

Have you ever wondered why there are always wars and rumors of wars? We seem to be fighting the same war over and over again. We say we want peace, but we always declare war and start killing each other.

The truth is that war and hatred are all a big hoax, and we can change it. We all need to discover the fairytale, WARM FUZZIES. In this book, the fairytale becomes the ultimate computer game, and the wicked witch seems to have many people fooled. However, her lie is eventually discovered.

The war in this story takes place in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992. But this fictional account could be any war, in any place or time. The deepest of friendships is torn apart by the cruelty and hatred of a senseless war.

This story gives us a futuristic glimpse of what we and our world can be now, with Love and Human Kindness.

Richard P. Matthews is a Spiritual teacher who has worked his whole life to help bring others to their Spiritual Centers and the "Great I Am" within.